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Re: Everyone please read - Important Forum info.

So pretty much don't use images in mass unless you ask the several sources you've found them. I personally don't agree, sorry.

I discussed the very same thing with the one that brought this up in the first place. Most of the locations I find these images come from blogs and websites that feature other people's photographs. They are NOT the original but are often the only place it can be found without spending hours on end trying to locate the person if they're even still out there(I say this because they could have had their own website and lost the domain, deleted their account, etc.).

It's just less of a hassle to give the link to the website/blog/whatever you found the image from instead of spitting out several emails at different people asking if you can use this image in a forum post as an example of this or that. Especially sending these emails to people that may have long left the internet. You'd probably never get a response or be waiting years for a response in said case.

I only bring this up because, I understand respecting the original photographer, or at least the origin of the photo, but some of us are people that like to look at stuff and show off pretty, interesting, weird, etc. photos we find floating around the web. It kind of sucks the fun out of socializing with others when you say we can't share them, even with a link, unless they're only beneficial to the health of an animal, an example being the ball python often used to get people to stop feeding live prey.

I also bring this up to clarify so I don't misunderstand. I'm taking it as maybe one photo, at least with the origin of the photo(link), per... 50, 100 posts? And only a limit of 1 - 3 photos in that post? I also take it as the limit is void if it's meant to prove a point in regards to an animal's health.

Or is the limit only there in regards to starting a thread, similar to my Vine Snake thread? I only did that to give examples of the animal so people know what I'm talking about. Also because I thought some of the photos were funny, pretty, etc. and I wanted to share them as a good example of the animal. All but one of those images were watermarked by the original owner. The one that wasn't I went back and gave the origin link. Is it still not ok, even then?
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