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Re: Everyone please read - Important Forum info.

Even though a member did bring this up, I do have to admit, I was starting to notice quite a few posts lately with pictures "taken" from the net incorporated into the posts.

For the purpose of a real discussion, yes go ahead and post pics. Just try to be courteous to the author. For instance, if we are talking about animal health, and you know of a photo that will help make a point, then please use it...

as for starting threads with bunches of other peoples pictures, please refrain from that unless the photographer specifically gave permission to use the photos.

A good example - "Check out these vipers"... Greg (last name withheld by his request) sent me those pictures for the purpose of me using them on various web sites. He specifically asked to leave his association with those photos out of the conversation, since like many hots keepers, he is over it with all the controversey that arises from him posting them himself.

Other pictures that I commonly use that were taken by others, I asked permission and I water mark them myself, just to make sure credit is given when credit is due.

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