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Lord of the SsnakesS...

(Gollum) "Stupid ontarians want to do party over east, think they're too good for us..."

(Smeagol) "No... ssnakess wouldn't do that, ssnakess is our friends!"

(Gollum) "You don't have any friends... Nobody likes you..."

(Smeagol) "Not listening."

(Gollum) "Stupid ontarians, we should wring their fiwfy little necks..."

(Smeagol) "No... We should give lots and lots of all the money in the world to Nouserpif..."

(Dan Conner) "Very good idea! And after I get all the money, ssnakess should do something online for all the members! even if they also go to the bars, the minors and the "Look at us, we're far away" people can celebrate, too!"

(Happy music plays, as Dan and Smeagol run through a field of blackberry bushes, and they come out bloody and bandaged)

(Dan Conner) "Ow! That hurts..."

Oh whatever, I'll get off it...

But yes, even if you celebrate twice, we should all have fun and at least have one evening online for geeks, nerds, loners, minors and "Look at me I'm far away" people like myself! something like that...

Just my Ramblings,
Dan Conner
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