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Angry Big problem replying

Every time I try to start repling to a topic, I use the quick reply thing, right? anyway, after I start typing for 30 seconds or so, the browser refreshes itself, leaving my post deleted, and it doesn't show up! i have tried to reply to the piercing thread, the "Anyone play an instrument" thread, and a lizard forum thread (can't remember which) and the "what spider is it" invertebrae post... all tonight, and everytime I do it, the browser refreshes itself, making my post useless, since it doesn't show up...

Anyone know what the he77 is going on? i am sure I am not hitting refresh or anything, so is it my browser, the site, my friend Larry the Leprechaun... WHAT IS IT AND HOW CAN I STOP IT!?!?
I can post fine, but not use the quick reply thing, haven't tried the not quick reply...

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