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Re: Dangers of improper quarantine

I think it's because venomous snakes and colubrids cannot get BOID. However, I have heard of cases where kingsnakes have shown symptoms in a collection that had BOID boas. So it may very well be possible that they can get and carry BOID, but maybe they just don't die from it. I think we just don't know enough about BOID and related retroviruses to take anything for granted. I was told by my veterinarian to quarantine all new arrivals for 3 months, and if anything seems iffy at any point in their quarantine, do not put them in the collection. They need to be treated and quarantined for 3 months beyond the last signs of any issues. This is of course when dealing with minor illnesses like RI and mites. If a snake showed any neurological signs in quarantine, I would never put it into my collection- just not worth the risk.
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