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Well Scott, unfortunatly if you are looking for a vets information you are looking in the wrong places. When you go to a reptile community online, what you are going to find is hobbyists and collectors who are sharing what they have tried and what they find works best for there animals. Someone who has been keeping reptiles for 10+ Years probably has more hands on experience then 90% of the vets in the USA or Canada. the information that people post is to be reviewed and used with your discretion. I hope that made some sense. If you would like a vets opinion on something there are many of them around, but to be honest with you, i would trust the opinions of some of these community members over the opinion of 95% of the vets in my area, who really are going to give me opinions out of a book, because 99% of their buisness is Cats and Dogs. is offline  
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