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Re: Dangers of improper quarantine

Thanks for posting this Aaron! I too think it's imperative for people to understand the real danger of IBD and implement quarantine procedures. All my guys now get a full 3 months of quarantine, IF they appear healthy. Any issues means they get kept separate for 3 months AFTER any health issues have been resolved.
I used to only quarantine for a month, and had a few reason to take the chance. Regardless of what people may or may not have invested in their snakes, the animals are first and foremost LIVING beings, and in captivity they are completely at our mercy- they cannot escape the conditions we choose to keep them in. We provide them water, food, heat and humidity and determine their location and every aspect of their existence for them. It is our responsibility to make life as comfortable and safe as possible for them. Anything less is cruelty and irresponsibility.
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