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Matt . I wish to thank you for your reply however i am not sure where in the article I attacked any member, I was just looking to verify the host and moderators of AOL and the credintials for giving advice to people on reptiles.

I would check out doctors and vets before going to them or asking there advice.

As to the reason I posted here. I frequent this site and have noticed many good people on it and was wonderring if anyone could shed light on why a question that was purely designed to check the credentials of someone giving out care and husbandry of reptiles. would constitute a terms of service violation on that or anysite .

However since that posting many people have contacted me and informed me of there own problems relating to ever doing anything on AOLs boards. Seams there moderators do as they wish when they wish and have no true standard .

I do wish to thank you again for shedding a little more light on how they may have took it.

Scott Bice
Scott Bice

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