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Re: Herp Lingo :)

Hey Wayne I made a new list I was just wondering if you could replace the list in my original post with this? thank you!

0.1 BP= One female Ball Python

1.0 BP= One male Ball Python
2.1 BP= two male Ball Python and one female Ball Python etc...
AFT=African fat tail
AHS=African house snake
ATB= amazon tree boa
Balls/BP= Ball Python
BCC= boa constrictor common
BCI= boa constrictor imperator
BCL=Boa constrictor Longicauda
BOI=Board of Inquiry
BRB= brazilian rainbow boa

BTS=Blue tongue skink
BURM= burmese python
CB=Captive bred
CH=Captive hatched
CP= Carpet Python
CWD=Chinese water dragon
F/T= Frozen/Thawed
GTP= Green Tree Python
Herp= Herpetology/Herpetoculture (Study of Reptiles/Care for Reptiles)
HOTS= anything poisonous
IBD=Inclusion body disease
IJCP=Irian Jaya carpet python
In Blue= State of eye color a snake has before shedding
JCP=Jungle carpet python
KSB=Kenyan sand boa
LTC=long term captive
MBD=Metabolic bone disease
MHD=Mountain horned dragon
Morph= "Color Phase" a genetic mutation that alters pigmentation
MVB=Mercury vapor bulb
p/k=pre killed
PAM=Provent a mite
Pits=snakes belonging to the Pituophis family
RES=Red eared slider
RETF=Red eyed tree frog
RETIC= reticualted python BCO=Boa constrictor occidentalis
RI=Respiratory Infection
RSSB=rough scale sand boa
SIGB=Solomon island ground boa
UTH=under tank heater
Viv= Vivaria
WC=Wild caught
WC=Wild caught
WLP=White lipped python

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