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Re: Herp Lingo :)

Originally Posted by RustyNuts View Post
You have to be careful with this one as there are quite a few people who use CB to mean "captive born" rather than "captive bred". An example would be adult snakes harvested for the skin trade being allowed to lay their eggs or have their young before they are slaughtered, then the eggs/young are sold. The babies are born in captivity but are not captive bred.

CBB = Captive Bred & Born
Farm raised = self explanatory

Turtle farms and alligator farms are common, but the term also seems to be used for the slaughter house "farms" as well sometimes.

STP = Short Tailed Python
You are very right...sorry. We get lazy when we talk and say CB meaning captive bred and born.

CH=Captive hatched
UTH=under tank heater
SIGB=Solomon island ground boa
p/k=pre killed
LTC=long term captive
WC=Wild caught
MVB=Mercury vapor bulb
Pits=snakes belonging to the Pituophis family
RETF=Red eyed tree frog
WLP=White lipped python
CWD=Chinese water dragon
MHD=Mountain horned dragon
IBD=Inclusion body disease
MBD=Metabolic bone disease
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