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Re: Herp Lingo :)

Originally Posted by Jendee View Post
atp= amazon tree boa
ATB=Amazon Tree Boa

BCO=Boa constrictor occidentalis
BCL=Boa constrictor Longicauda
PAM=Provent a mite
CB=Captive bred
WC=Wild caught
AHS=African house snake
KSB=Kenyan sand boa
RSSB=rough scale sand boa
JCP=Jungle carpet python
IJCP=Irian Jaya carpet python
AFT=African fat tail
BTS=Blue tongue skink
BOI=Board of Inquiry
RES=Red eared slider
F/T=frozen thawed
RI=Respiratory Infection

Sorry if I repeated any.
I will think of more.....
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