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Gosh, I couldn't begin to list! I've been doing rescue on and off since 1978 and have unfortunately lost literally hundreds of animals. Here are some of my pets that I miss, though:

Captain Crunch, an ornate horned frog, died at 26 years of age. Cause unknown but at that age it would have been disrespectful to necropsy rather than giving my longtime friend and first herp ever a wake and a decent burial.

Bump, a White's tree frog, 7 years old. She was rescued from a Pet____ chain. Was so dehydrated that her left front and right rear legs stuck to the glass and separated at the knee so she was a double amputee. Died from obesity-related liver problems, probably a result of not getting enough exercise. She gave me about a gazillion tadpoles, may she rest in peace. The other rescues from the same cage, Lump and Grind have also passed on but at much younger ages.

Vera, a hatchling bearded dragon, was born with an optic nerve tumor and lived to be 4 months old. She was donated to a vet school for genetics testing and perhaps a great deal may be learned from her.

Ralph, Alice, Ed, Trixie, Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, Fred, Amos, Andy, Martin, Lewis, Larry, Moe and Curly the African Dwarf Frogs. Some were escapes, Ralph got a fungal infection and most of the others were just old.

Zither, eastern ribbon snake, escaped and was never found.

Ruby and Jack, red-eyed tree frogs. Lost to excessive heat during a power outtage.

Mork and Ork, juvenile bamboo tree frogs. Unknown cause. They were so beautiful.

Flick, a blue-phase White's tree frog. Jumped out of cage right towards Buster the cat and never stood a chance.
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