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Does that include animals that u have aquaride and sold .. liek trades and such! That could take days for many pl her lol!

Pet wise .. I ad a 13 foot burmese python a while ago .. after being in my car for a year she passed away of a serious resperitory infection ... when i aquired her (free more of a rescue) .. I don't think I coould rescue many more animals now .. its hard when u put so much tiem into the.. and the past away anyway ..

Hmm a water monitor - i was simply a temporary home until I found a better place .. hmm a spectacle caimen but decided to sell him as i know I could not keep it as an adult..

and a couple others but none that I would consider pets .. they'd be simply animals I aquaried through trades or such that i had no intentions on keepindg so were just resold..

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