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Been playing guitar for about 24 years.Have Tacoma c2c acustic ,a Fender custom shop Strat and just a plain old tobacco sunburst Strat.Yahmaha pro series keyboard 530 I think and a 8 track digital home studio.I do not have an amp just head phones I seem to be the only one who likes what I play, a lot of my own stuff ( have thousands of riffs to share)and I do prefer to play rythm so the rock star type's (like Shane lol) can have something to wail over .I know all the modes scales circle of fiths ect,ect. it just says more to me when I hear a great rythm player

The greatest rythm players are by far some of the best song writers. Steve Stevens(billy idol) Izzy Stradlin (guns n roses) Don Dokken (Dokken) Kurt Vanderhouf (Metal Church) Eddie is in a world of his own when it comes to rythm!!!!!

E flat B flat F A E flat F D grove on that for a bit will open your eyes to the world of rythm and groove.


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