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I appreciate everyones support ...Thank you so very much I plan on doing some more in depth research about thier diet, ect. in the wild to see if I am missing something. I found lots of info about breeding groups in zoos...most saying the same thing. Here is a artical from the Philadelphia Zoological Garden....

>>>>>Philadelphia PA 19104 BIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT OF THE PREHENSILE-TAILED SKINK, _CORUCIA_ZEBRATA_ IN CAPTIVITY. A colony of prehensile-tailed skinks has been maintained for the last 18 years at the Philadelphia Zoological Garden. A total of 47 births, including 5 second generation births have occured. Stillbirths and early neonatal mortality is high (47%). Breeding occurs throughout the year, with 1-2 young born after a 6-8 month gestation period. Behaviors of the female suggest some parental care. Average longevity in this colony is 7.5 years with longest-lived individual approaching 18 years. Housing is best in large tall enclosures. Hollow logs are used for retreats and appear to stimulate reproduction. The diet consists of mixed fresh fruits and vegetables with a small amount of minced horsemeat and supplimented with multi-viamins, bone meal, and oyster shell flour. The young are raised with the adults. The optimal group size appears to be 1 male with 2 females and their young to reduce aggression. <<<<<<<

The only thing that stumps me about this artical is that they feed them horse meat!? I find that strange...since they are vegiterian. They have a high mortality rate of 47%!
What is everyone missing? Why are they dieing??? Hopefully I will be able to find out so I wont have to go through this again. Unfortunatly an autopsy of any kind is now out of the question. I found it dead in the evening last night and we put it the freezer untill we can burry it in the spring. I wasnt thinking all to clearly at the time.
Again....thank you all for the support and kindness
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