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they say that ranching is ok because it does not take reptile from the wild. how can that possibly be sustainable for a number of years. the guy in indonesia has hatched over 7000 bloods in five or six years. thats 7000 bloods that will not be growing to maturity to sustain a balanced population.
jeff, u said that ranching was good for the hobby, well for the hobby yes it may seem that way. but what about the bigger picture? what about the whole balance of nature? animals will be extinct if this carries on.
in my humble opion, only registered breeders or zoological societies should be allowed to import wc or ranched. why do we need ranched bloods, aren't there enough of us breeding them? for ppl breeding them its a nightmare y will ppl pay cb prices when they can have a ranched import for alot less. ranched animals are still given the same care as a wc. they are still kept in terrible conditions, overcrowded, underfed alot of the time exposed to the elements.
ball pythons that r ranched are sometimes held for 2 months before there are enough hatchlings to fill the shipment number. kept in a huge bin of hundreds not fed or watered, lying next to dead animals. not a great start to life.
ball pythons are offered for sale at $1.50 ea..if u buy 1000. so ok say some wholesaler buys that 1000 they work into the selling price that anywhere between 40 - 60 % will either be dead on arrival or die on their premises. and still walk off with a nice fat profit.
y are boa constrictors still being imported???? is there that much of a shortage of baby boas? i guess it comes down to, u know what!!!, MONEY. if someone can import 500 savannah monitors lose a few on the way and make a profit. then woo hoo go for it.
back to the blood ranching. ok, so 7000 babies are produced from about 450 (average of 15 living young per female) what happens to the 450 breeding females? killed and skinned.
anyone know some iguana ranches "ranch" them? in alot of cases gravid females are cut open, have thier eggs removed, crudely stiched back up and released to be cut open next year, lol as if they'd make it a week with that cut in them.
ps sorry to go on.
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