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But even if you buy a "ranched" animal for whatever reason (or WC for that matter)......wouldn't you be able to protect your collection 100% by following proper and strict quarantine methods?? I mean if those beardie breeders had, and had kept the "dirty" ranched animals away from their collection (and by away I mean, seperate floor or building, surgical gloves, sterile hands etc) 100% (and for a FULL quarantine, not a month or two) then they could have avoided that problem while still enjoying the "benifits" they were originally looking for from a ranched animal. As much as its "airborne" it can't pass through floors, or seperate buildings. My collection is tiny, but important to me and my new pets (Wc, Or CB) all live on a seperate floor in a closed room. To me this is the least I can do to protect my collection.

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