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The most horrible thing has happened!!

I feel SO sick....While looking in my PTS enclosure last night.....I found my new baby skink "Noel" dead! I cannot understand why???? I did lots of reaserch on them and it does say that there is a 40% mortality rate in captive born babys...but...... it was so healthy looking! I am now wondering if my decision to keep in with the group was the right thing to do All that I read about them suggested that was the best way. The male and the other female were not bothering it...and mom was VERY protective. I never handled it, misted the tank a couple times a day...offerd lots of food (as usual), water...temps were what was suggested in all my reaserch...WHAT HAPPEND??????? I cant help but feel guilty. I am worried it was something I did or didnt do....OMG....I am Soooo sad..

Rest in Peace little Noel o>

Picture taken on Dec25th/2002
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