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Ranching is actually great for the hobby... For example, if you read the last months reptiles magazine, the blood rancher in indonesia who is BREEDING the bloods in indonesia and exporting them can fill the countrys legal export limit by himself, which in return if done properly stop the need for collecting from the wild. Most of the snakes there are collected for their skins and not for the reptile trade at all. I think the ratio was like more then 70% of the annual export allowance was for skins and only 30% was for live animals for the pet trade. So most of the poaching that is being done is done for skins and meat and not to supply the demands for the pet trade. So in my opinion ranching is a great thing for the hobby and the longevity of the soon to be endangered species, if 1 ranch can fill a countrys live export quota by himself, thats 30% more animals that dont get plucked from the wild every year. is offline