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As someone who owrks in a pet retail environment, I can say that 90% of the customers are thinking with their wallets, and if I don't think they should have an animal, I put together an outrageously expensive setup, than see what they think. If they complain about how much it costs, I say that the animal needs to have a proper environment before I can sell it. I can also determine whether they have done their research at this point or not. If they have more money than brains and still go for it, I know that the animal will atleast have all the right stuff and much more. This way if the owner is still being an idiot, perhaps the animal will have a better a point. It sucks that we live in such a consumer driven world. Ya know, if we had a system in place where people had to take a test about the animal that they want and fill out an application, which must be approved before buying ANY animal, we might not have a need for SPCA's and Reptile Rescues. We might not have a need to have all these stupid by-laws in place either because pet owners would be responsible.
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