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Rant, rant, rant.

One last shout: no law in the world, in any government, is made for the intelligent. All laws are made for the lowest common denominator because the government has the job of protecting us from ourselves. [And before I get recoil from that statement - bear in mind that murder, rape, assault and other violent crimes are under that umbrella, as well as is legislation preventing hazardous animals from being kept by the mass population. Don't like your government in that position? Tough luck. Laws are made for the stupid, the irresponsible, and the violently insane.] Personally, I'd like to see a permit-and-testing system set up for exotic animals - ALL exotic animals, including low-end [uncomplicated husbandry] exotics such as cornsnakes. Take a short husbandry test, pay $15, earn the right to keep any cornsnake in any amount for life. Hell, I wouldn't even mind something like this being applied to human breeding.

Question #1: When your baby starts crying, do you
A) shake it violently until you break bones
B) try to figure out what's wrong
C) take another hit on the bong and wonder if you just drank the day's supply of breast milk.

...but that's giving the government just a bit too much credit.
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