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another thing you got to understand is (at least in the states) petstores are still alowed to sell baby retics and burms you just arent alowed to keep them after a serten size. so what?? they arent gonna know you own one unless, yep you guessed it you do something ... Stupid! I own a burm and she my be only a year old now and trust me if i dident go to that reptile show and think what cute baby and buy it. I might not have it but hey thats my fault and.. hell she's still sweet as can be so I'll deal with it.. they dont make you fill out papers or get a permit yet I agree with jeff they should as long as they dont make you pay wich we all know they will and bla bla bla you all know how that go's. a lot of this boils down to: if there was less careless irsposable people in the world that have some misplaced disire to own reptiles or put short and sweet stupid people, their would be no gient pythons in the news, and most likely a lot fewer laws but hey stupid people make the world go round right?

P.S. dragons&balls: when mommy use to tell you treat others how you would like to be treated she was giveing good advice for the real world. in other words dont give additude in a post and not expect to recive it right back. sorry if that was too forward but I really thought you were getting alittle out of hand.
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