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Though I may be wrong or most likely I am but this is my opinion anyways: the ball python thing is what really sticks out in my mind and my thoughts are simple that if someone pays that $15,000 dollars for a piebald or 2 or 3 or 10 to use for their breeding program or if they spend 5 or ten years with a 50% het they bought for whatever they go for and worked there way up I dont think anyone will let a snake that they can get so much out of (price wise) go for less than its worth thus the market value of this morph or any really wont fall. I hate to make that sound so money orented but really it is. also an animal you payed more for you will take care of better or you will pay more to take care of better iven if you dont think that you think that way I found myself today (I'm not like this. I'm not like this. I'm not like this. dont take this the wrong way) but I found myself thinking that since I can really deside if my leopard gecko is sick (she kinda is but she kinda isent) that it wouldent be a big deal if she died and I was really mad at myself for thinking this way but it seems that money infueinces the way we think even if we dont want it too. and I really care about all my animals it scares my to think how someone that owns one just because their kid wants it must think. (dont take this the wrong way!!! )
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