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lol jeff, i guess we're both passionate about the same thing!
true what u said about not making money from breeding snakes, although the way i look at it, is that i do something i love, and if i make a bit of cash from doingso, then all the better, but i'm a long way from making money and i still love it!!!!
interesting point could be though, all these snakes on ppls wish list...y r they so expensive? y does no-one dream of a corn snake???? is it because ppl look down upon them as a lowly snake? if they do they have to remember that without them snake keeping / breeding would not be where it is today. maybe not look down, but u know what i mean..don't ya?
ps at least all corns are cbb! happy new year i'm off for a quiet drink, followed by 20 loud ones!
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