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Well said, Jeff and hip! I loved hip's opinion so much I also read it several times. Two thirds of the large boids sold in my county end up in rescues, which is why the law was passed that folks in my city (Allentown, PA) cannot own one. We've been under this law for almost 40 years now, which is a crying shame. In fact, it's recently been rewritten to ban the sales of all constricting snakes, so now corns, kings, etc. are also banned for new keepers. Animal Control seems to be allowing folks who previously had these species to keep them, but on a case by case basis. 5 kingsnakes were seized from a home where they were not securely caged and a neighbor found one in her apartment.

But the lawmakers saw a lot of problems, and of course the responsible keepers who house their snakes properly and don't take them to the fair or the park to freak people out never make the press. They acted based on the knowledge they had at the time. The fact that their info was both incomplete and very anti-herp biased doesn't change that fact. The laws were written to try and solve a problem, not to infringe on people's rights.

If we wish to challenge those laws, we have to present our case very carefully. Gather good information and cases of responsible husbandry and don't just go off half-cocked or once again herpers will be seen as some fringe element that is possibly a danger to the public at large.
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