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You want an opinion? I say they should police biggie snakes. There's far too many dumb people to handle what it takes to keep one adequately. But can they do it effectively?

Probably not.

And of course the only reason people can't own Burms and Retics is size. Why else? I don't get that observation.

But to ask why they have control is like asking why there is laws. I like anarchy and chaos as much as the next person, but I'm still a wreckless youth with strange ideals and fringe morals (regarding humans). Not everyone should own a Retic. Even I can see that. Just like we shouldn't own Tigers, Komodos, Perenties, Mugger Crocs, Bald Eagles, Blue Whales, T-Rex's etc etc etc. I'm glad for laws that keep those things out of the general public's hands. Aren't you?

And dude, Hip's opinion was a good one. So good, I read it twice. And I think you should too. He never said it was moronic people who passed the laws in '97. He said it was morons who could house the animals properly that CAUSED the laws to be passed. It didn't have attitude, it had fact. And his opinion was based on that fact. What's yer problem?
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