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Why do they have controll????

Do u agree that we should be able to own things that are controlled???????
What right does someone have to come and say that we can't own a snake or a certain kind of dog? A columbian red tail gets just about as long and a Burmese python.... An english bull mastiff gets 3 times the size of a pit bull and they could do just as much damage!!!!!
**** I don't think that every Tom, **** and Harry should own one but I do think that if u want to own one u should have to get papers (snakes)..... *** It depends how it is brought up too.... If you never touch it, then you can't expect it to be nice....
***** Its just like them banning pit bulls..It depends on how they are brought up... just because they are called a pit bull, doesn't mean that its going to chew someones arm off.... both these animals I talk about, I have had experience with and think they are great animals.... please write and let me know what you think....I talked to Alberta Fish And Wildlife today and they said that the reptile society okayed the list in 97,but the thing is that some people in the Edmonton Society own BURMESE.I was not an avid collector of reptiles in 97,so why should I have to abide by a rule set in 97 that does not make sense.There is no law saying I can own a poodle,but I can't own a great dane.even though the only reason the bylaw officer said that burms,and retics are illegal is because of the size they get to.

Let me know your opinion because I am in the process of talking with my MLA.
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