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Heh heh, I thought you were going to to clean rodents Trev??? Ha ha!!

Ok, here we go again....

Vapona kills mites. Yes. I agree. So does gasoline. Shall I pour petrol on your lovely BRB's for you Trev? Heh heh, I didn't think so! Vapona is carcinogenic!! Its bad. I posted all the specifics on a previous thread. The long term effects are not completely known, but why risk it when NIX is so easy and works (with the methods above) so well? I would much rather kill mites by using a soap than by using cancer-causing stomach poison vapours.

But again, that is only my opinion and Vapona has been around in our industry for just about ever. Its probably going to be around for a long time too. And people will use it. Just not me. Not when there are alternatives.

I haven't had a mite since 1991. I even forgot what they look like.

Thanks for the discussion Trev. Excellent reply to boot! Thanks.

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