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Ah but Jeff I'm not recommending it on that basis. I'm simply sharing my experience with it and that of others, Jeff Ronan being one in particular. I do agree with you about moving the snake into a Rubbermaid. Nothing is easier to clean then a Rubbermaid. I've cleaned mine one every two days for a week with a bit of bleach to make sure everything dies. Then the cage can be sealed with vapona in it for about a week to dry out any eggs left inside.
So here is exactly what worked for me.
1. Small deli cup or chip dip container perforated with needle size holes. Holes too small to let a tongue inside.
2. Cut vapona into 1" cubes.
3. Place appropriate amount of cubes in container depending on the size of the cage and snake. Seal it with duct tape
4. Disposable water dishes. Tossed 3 times a day and fresh water added.
5. Leave in cage for two weeks.
This is the way I did it the first time and it worked great. The second time I brought mites home only one snake was infected so I removed it and the cage from the room. I cleaned the cage with bleach and sealed it with vapona inside and left it for a week.
I placed the snake in a Rubbermaid with vapona and everything was cleaned up in a week. I waited three more weeks for any other eggs that I may have missed to surface.
There happy now Jeff>( ha ha,
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