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Ok Trev, Vapona will work on the cage as well, provided you keep your snake out of it. But then again, so will gasoline, fire, microwaves, and DDT. But why bother? (Not meant as a flame Trev!! But through all the PM's by now, you know my "humour", ha ha!). DO NOT recommend a product based on the fact that it works as a general agent. That's not a good thing.

If you are serious about getting rid of mites (there will be a sheet by the great Grant VG coming shortly) here's what you do:

1) Take your mite-infested animal away from its cage for starters!! OMG, why people insist on treated their snakes in the same cage is beyond me.

2) Set up your reptile in a new Rubbermaid with newspaper or paper-towel only. No water dish. Spray the reptile with the already aformentioned dilutions of NIX. Let it dry.

3) When its dry, put a water dish back in the Rubbermaid.

4) Nuke the old cage and the old furnishings. I don't care how you do it, just do it. Freeze it, light it on fire, bomb it, who cares. Mites travel 10M per hour so the faster you get rid of the source the better.

5) Day 2, take the water dish out from the new Rubbermaid again and spray the reptile with NIX (aformentioned dilutions). Let it dry.

6) Reptile is ready for permanent cage. This took all of 36 hours and the mite problem is completely gone, no one has cancer, and the reptiles are safe.

Mites suck, but really, they are the easiest thing to get rid of. My concern is not that the reptiles have mites, but why they do? Where's this source? How many WC animals do they have? Are they not quarantining? Do they not respect their customers enough to NOT pass on their husbandry inadequacies? Do they even know what quarantining is?

These are all real concerns and should not be taken lightly. Mites are a cinch to get rid of from one snake (a whole collection, depending on the size, is another thing). But what did these mites pass on before they were eliminated? When I see a snake with mites, I look right past the mites to waaaayyy scarier and more terrible things.

Also, aside from step #4, any new snake coming into my collection goes through the same process. I know enough people that keep too much garbage to know that no snake is concidered clean when coming into my house.

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