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Dom, that is the sad reality. All we can do is our best and not support the pipelines that deal with that kind of stuff. Its a moral/ethical issue and some people just don't care. You think I breed snakes for money? BWHAaaaaaa haaaaaa!!! As if! I can think of a bazillion different ventures that are far more lucrative. I breed them because I like it, it does the planet good (in my disillusioned mind) and I don't like seeing the animals that I grew up so fascinated with, treated like inert commodities with little thought to their well being. I know you feel the same way too Dom. Its tough eh?

Paul, man, you're posts just keep getting better and better man. I can't believe we argued so much before on that other thread. We think soo much alike its not even funny!

Good stuff guys. Glad to have the opportunity to chat with gentlemen like yourselves.

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