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once again i agree with u jeff, in some way it would be nice if some of the fringe keepers would be put off, unfortunatly tht aint gonna happen. another thing that doesnt help is the stigma of keeping reptiles. u see alot of first time buyers wanting that big python, big boa monitor iggy etc. as most just for the shock factor.
i'm always happy to answer a question, but sometimes it gets frustrating because the answer is usually readily available in a cheap book. nowadays thx to the internet anyone can post some garbage saying that their way is the right way.
going back to an earlier post someone mentioned the idea of policiing certain shops and breeder ( i think thats what it said!) great idea, but who will do it? spca is already overun with too many animals,and not enough staff, let alone finding someone who knows enough about reptiles to give any authority.
ok better go, wife wants a cuddle (went snowboarding and feel very rough!!!! well it was my first time!!)
woo hoo, americas most wanted is on...................."This man is wanted for reptile abuse.....Yeah right!?!?!?!?!?!
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