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goodpoint rev, how many ppl would it take to get the prices of...say colombian boas down to $50 ea????? one. it was the same in england a few years ago. too many ppl were breeding boas to supply the "need" so what happened? some ppl started selling thier boas for 20 pounds each. yes they sold them, but what about all the private breeders and decent petshops that have to sell an animal to make a living. i'm not trying to demean the value of any animals life, whether it be $1 or $100 000, it's still a living animal that can feel pain and hunger and so many more things that we can't even find.
on that point it makes me sick to think that a beautiful iguana can be sold for as little as $20 when only a month ago it was living in the real jungle. the jungle it was meant for, not this urban society jungle that some ppl seem intent on making.
i hear ya jeff!
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