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General Discussion Rules: Please Read First!

Ignorance is no excuse! Failure to make an effort to understand and adhere to the rules will result in a ban. A maximum of 3 strikes will be tolerated (3 for minor offenses, as little as 1 for more severe).

No threads or links to mature content.

No profanity or racism allowed in threads.

No political or religious discussion.

No personal messages. ie. 'so and so, empty your PM box.'

No cross-posting (posting threads in two or more forums).

No advertising of animals or objects for sale/trade.

No advertising of other forums (spam).

No abusive/threatening/disrespectful language towards to moderators (we are just doing our job), or other members.

No "naming names". This is not the C/BOI, please refrain from mentioning individuals or business names in negative light.

The above rules also apply to the other forums on this site. The below applies to this forum, or any other general forum if there is a corresponding forum for the species/subspecies in question.

No species-specific threads in this forum (if there is another suitable forum on this site for your thread, use it!). If you are not sure where to put it, check out this thread.
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