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I got spoiled this year (as always, heehee).....
I finally got a great snake probing set (thanks Henry and Terri)
I also got (a few weeks earlier) 1.4 Ray Hines carrottails, 1.4 sandfire dragons from Sandfire Dragon Ranch, a cordless 9V Drill, many little nick nacks from my kids, cats, dogs, birds, snakes and even the crickets..LOL.....and I got DVD's, Croc Hunter, Minority Report, Reign of Fire, jeans, new shoes, puzzles, and more discs for my digital camera (which was another early Christmas present)
The family also adopted two cute little kittens, and are fostering an old timer drop off dog instead of her spending the remaining days of her deteriorating life in a dog pound all alone.
And the best was checking the incubator this morning, I had a crested gecko hatch out, cutest little thing!! I also had vipertailed and fattailed geckos lay eggs for me....
Well, off to dinner (not my turn to cook the family dinner WHOOHOOOOO!!!) and I hope you all had as great of a Christmas as we did!!
Lots of best wishes from Beth and family
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