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Well $30 later it's in a proper environment. I purchased some damp mulch stuff that resembles topsoil but without fertilizers at the petstore (not hardware store ) It's in a 5 gallon tank, as I had a heck of a time with the plastic ones. The snapping lid action was bound to break soon. I figure, if this frog expires, I'll have a decent setup for another one because they seem fun. Mine indeed came out of a banana plant I ordered from Florida. It's amazing it's spent 5 days in a dark box traversing the country. The store I visited didn't have pinhead crickets so I got the smallest they have. They still seem too big so on Thrurs I'll try the other place. If not, I'll flip some heavy rocks and catch a few buggers I suppose.

Right now a couple crickets are hopping around and the frog seems uninterested of them. Theres the shallow water bowl (about 1/8" deep) and half a hollow log with damp moss strewn around along with some leaves that came from the said plant. The substrate is about 2" deep and I got it moistened. However how wet should it be?

I think I got the basic living quarters done. Anyone fathom how much and how often this kind, or an average frog eats? I've got the 5 crickets living in the same tank right now.
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