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To all who wonder....I moved

UPDATE: I moved back to N.S. yesterday. I'm working on a business plan to get my own zoo/educational program on the go. My Tokays are laying eggs. I'm gonna have some hand tamed captive tokays, woohoo. I picked up a savanna monitor too, named him Savy, he's absolutely perfect. My ball pythons don't look like they'll lay this season, but there's always next year, and my chamaeleons are going to be introduced within the next month or two. I'll keep everyone posted on things, but for now I have to find a house/apartment, then get my internet etc. hooked up so my posting here is gonna be limited over the next few days. I'm hoping to give the N.S. herp scene a boost, I've already been contacted by a local pet shop who are ready to drop their wholesaler on some animals which are readily produced in captivity. It'll quite possibly send a lot of business Ontario's way through it's wealth of breeders and at the same time give me good business relations with a lot of the best local business.

P.S. Dom, I haven't forgot about you, I'll give you a call as soon as I know whats happening with my biz plan and the bank. Still got a lot of other stuff to figure out first, house,etc.

P.P.S. If anyone ever moves here in the future bring tons of crickets, the first place I went charges $.50/cricket and they don't
cut much of a deal on quantity ($416/box). Luckily I found a second place that charges $.25/cricket which is still crazy but anyway, I think i'll get port credit to start sending them to me by the box. ($22/box of 1000 @ PCPC)
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