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Ok, since we've completely abandoned the original thread's discussion (hey Paul, I know what it feels like now!! LOL!), I may as well participate as well.

lanalizard, why do you think Beardeds have dropped in price? Or Leos for that matter? Maybe its because my 5 year-old nephew could breed them? Or maybe because you basically have to shoot them for them not to breed? I don't know how long you've been in the hobby, but do you remember/know when albino Leos came out? It was way back in '93-94 if I remember correctly. Yeah. The debuted at $3,000US each! What are they now? $25US. Now, the albino Ball made its appearance at around the same time. Know how much it went for? $10,000. Know how much they are now? $3,000. Price drop? Yes. But not nearly as much as a Leo. Now why do you think that is?

Ley me illustrate:

If I gave a pair of albino Balls and a pair of albino Leos to my 5 year-old nephew, which do you think he'd breed first? Exactly. How many do you think he'd produce in his first 3 years? Well, I'd be mad at him if he didn't get at least 100 albino Leos, seeing as they mature at 8 months, have 6-8 clutches a year, you can make whatever sex ratio you want!!!!, and they take virtually no space to house 30 adults. How many albino balls do you think he'd produce? I think he'd be lucky not to fry them/kill them/let them escape/feed them poorly, let alone get any successful matings from them.

Point is, the Ball prices aren't going anywhere. I'm not sure why people think that they will be $100 any time soon, but these are usually people who don't even own a Ball Python, let alone ever bred one!

And I'm not jumping down your throat. I'm expressing my opinion as well as you were, only I'm providing a little reference and experience in addition.
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