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wow, this was a touchy subject and here i would like to add my 0.02$ and dont jump down my throat for a lousy opinion..we are all here to express and be friends.
To me, a ball python is a ball python. Those who pay big $$$ for those 'color morphs' to breed to their normal, breed back to the mother/father, etc..etc...and get babies and sell those, are really wasting their money...eventually the snake is gonna cost 100$ in the long run. Take bearded dragons for example...they were expensive, baby normals were costing what, 199.99$ at one point? and now we find normals for 40$!!!! color morphs are nothing anymore....and the whole iguana issue..i agree totally with that..i own 2 male iguanas and i rescue iguanas..i have 18"svl male iguana who lost his tail due to infection from people i rescued it from who used to throw the iguana against the windows...and ive seen a 7 foot iguana in good health....just because you see them in the stores for 19.99$, doesnt mean you cant respect them. The Anoles and house geckos, i bet 75% of you all think they are puny waste of time lizards, but in fact, they have a life, and they were pulled from their natural habitats to be abused and disrespected by most.
I am blabbing and i may not make sense at times but we all need to sit for a minute and re think this all and respect the animals we know and love.
Even rodents..they have a heart too.
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