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I won't even touch the BP thing.

Here's another thread by the same guy on the thought of wild-caughts again. This is why I hate WC animals. It takes no skill to obtain one, and it does no service for the hobby.

Its the last paragraph that hits the home run. These people know what they are talking about.

Posted by FR on Wed - Dec 18 - 9:04pm:
Posted by FR on Wed - Dec 18 - 9:04pm:

In Reply to: A ? for Mampam and others posted by Dragoon on Wed - Dec 18 - 5:31pm:

You sure do think alot. You think, and I feed, hahahahahahahaha
First, Daniel has his opinions based on what he sees. Not what you or I see. He is a field biologist not a keeper. Hes a writer as well, and a good one.

If you were to tour the exporters facilities, the importers as well, you may think the same. Some will turn your stomach, not all mind you.

As far as in nature, Most areas are perfectly fine for the monitors to exsist. There are millions of populations that are prefectly healthy. But again some are not. The future for monitors is good, but not for all species.

About what species get imported, its based on many things. Mainly ease of collection. Monitors that can be collected easily, can be sold cheap and if they are sold cheap, they provide a steady income. Monitors that are harder to come by, cost more and therefore are sold in less numbers.

I have to tell you, its not demand for a species that predicts what is imported, its price and price only.

The monitors that are found in large numbers are usually found in disturbed areas where their populations are abnormally high. but i wander.

Daniel sees monitors in nature, once you have done that, its very hard to see them in boxes, its very hard to hear people taking about putting them on cypress crap, or bedadog crap. It will tear your heart out. You see this reptile thats king of his turf, then see people going out of there way to take all thats natural away and turn them into a lap animal, that is a sin to the world in some peoples mind. You know, those people are not entirely wrong.

Sorry i can't remember your other questions. F
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