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I would like to say this: it seems to me that this whole hobby is primarily driven by ego and the all mighty dollar...the "who produced what first" and the constant b!tching and people jumping down other people's throats is really ridiculous. Guess what? Nobody cares who produced the first magical purple whatsamagidget! It's not like their giving out nobel prizes for this *****, guys...and I'm even skeptical of people who claim to be in the hobby because of the animals when they own 500+ BPs or whatever, how can you possibly appreciate the animals when you're producing them "en masse"?

Here's my blurb on BPs: for everyone jumping on the ballpython morph bandwagon, in a few years those expensive morphs will be going for what normals are going for now, mark my words because time will may take 10 years, it may take 20, but it will happen...people say that the market won't go down because of small clutch size, etc...etc...well their clutch size isn't a whole lot smaller than corns and there are a hell of a lot of people breeding them...they'll go the way of the corn snake...oh, yes...they will...
Also, what bothers me is how everyone claims to have an unproven "morph"...explain to me how a BP can be anerythristic when the have no red pigment! Tell me, because I am confused...

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