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er, lots of breeders (not necessarily good ones), sell their offspring to these stores, however competition with imports can make the business into sell as quick as possible. I understand, I traded earlier this year and one of my hatchlngs died after the person got it. They wanted another snake, which I agreed to, yet here several months later I've invested several $ into food I still have the snake to support. If the guy asks he'll get it free, but from a trade deal for neos to spending bucks feeding it I don't think I should be expected to give over a snake without compensation. Chain stores give the cash up to the dealers, whether importers or breeders, so it really does depend on the market. Will individuals buy EVERY hatchling I produce this year? Should I be required to spend the cash to feed those that don't, without raising prices(everyone complains)? If not a broker or a chain may get them.