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Talking 5 days till Christmas and I'm merry already

Last night I went to see a "free to a good home" iguana. My hopes are never high in those situations, so I was pleasantly surprised by this pretty face:

<img src=" id=7&param=94053">

Gizmo is a female between 2 to 2.5 years old and a respectable 46 inches total length. Obviously, this little beauty came home with me!

<img src=" id=6&courtesy=1">

Also, my brother gave me money so I could shop for my own herps, and I got 2 lovelies, a pretty baby corn and a Mexican black kingsnake. His Majesty Raul is still somewhat shy and flighty, but here is little baby Yoshi:

<img src=" id=8&courtesy=1">

I hope all my friends have as happy a holiday season as I've already had, but with fewer scratchmarks on the arms and hands.
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