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Well on the captive bred / WC thing.. it looks like this year, WC and CH bp's have been available at the shows here for in and around 50$, and the prices of ball pythons has went up for $200 - $225 for females and $150.00+ for males, but the breeders still dont have a problem moving the CB stuff I know myself, that i am so scared to buy a adult imported boa for a chance of introducing something to my snake room that i just wont do it.. Plus i hate to admit it but i am not a big fan of having to quarentine for 6 months to a year, i only quarentine for a few weeks to be sure of mites and solid stoool and any other funny behaviour so personally WC really doesnt appeal to me, its better to pay a higher price IF it is available in Canada already. Thats my 0.2. is offline