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Bobcaygeon "hot spots"

Hi Yvonne, I realize this is a little late, however, I would like to offer you some info re: herp hot spots in the Bobcaygeon area for future ref. I used to have a cottage there for uh, geez, it must of been almost 20 yrs. or so. {Boy I'm gettin old, no comment from you Matty!!!} Anyway, there is an "old" dam that separates Pigeon Lake from Sturgeon Lake and is located off Hwy 36 on a small road called "Snake Point Rd." {I'm not makin' that up} It {the road}runs east of Hwy 36, south of the big bridge. It's a rather windy narrow road and it passes a small park on the right side. Any local should be able to direct you. This is THE spot for those nasty Northern water devils uh, snakes and I have located many a big snapper etc. there. I've also found Milks, Garters, DeKay's uh, lotsa amphibs etc. The "best" times are usually early spring when all the post brumation "action" is taking place. Real good fishin' too. Check the signs as I think it's also a fish sanctuary untill mid to late May. Anyway, hope this helps for your next trip to 'Caygeon. P.S. There is a little bakery on the street that leads into town {running west off Hwy 36} I'll cover your gas if you bring me 3-4, or maybe 6-7 of their Chelsea{?} buns back!!!!! Don't leave without spoilin' yourself to one, trust me.

Good Luck Chris @C.H.S.!
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