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I'm a huge fan of the books have read them many times since I was a kid. The Lord of the Rings series is the 2nd most widely read book on the planet, second only to the Bible I believe, so I definitely think the movies and DVDs will do extremely well. Thats a huge reputation to live up to.

The movies can never compare with the books but I was impressed with how well Peter Jackson managed the first movie considering the HUGE scope of the books. Yes, he took some creative license in the first one, but overall I thought he did better than any other book-to-movie adaptation I'd seen for anything else.

So, with that in mind, we ordered our tickets for The Two Towers like a month ago and showed up early to be at the front of the line. *sigh* I was a little disappointed with TT Visually it was just as impressive as the first - the battles and creatures were well done - HelmsDeep battle, Ents My issue was with the amount of creative license that they took with the scene involving Faramir (and his group), Frodo and Sam. I'm not going to go into detail, but I just think there was NOTHING gained for the storyline by changing things as they did. In fact, they probably spent more money to support the "new version" than they would've the original and they gained nothing from the change - didn't recoup any time or money that I could see. So WHY did they do it??

I would still go and see it as a matter of general principle, and yes I was entertained overall - just feeling let down somehow.. I guess I expected more of Peter Jackson and the people he worked with in adapting the books. They are all supposedly huge fans and I just don't see how they thought certain changes were still in keeping with the original.

Slightly depressed now,
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