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well my opinion might be biased as well since i work in a video store, i would have to say that LOTR's is going to be 1 of the most successful trilogies of all time, i was viewing the sales report of just the first 1 and it has been 1 of the most successful movies on DVD and VHS, so u can go and bad mouth it all u want, but i see the facts that u dont, but i personnally like the books better but the movies are amazing and very well done and i enjoy the fact that it is all being filmed one after another so that none of the characters age and it has the same characters..... and it is not about wizards and elves, it is based on mythology, and Tolkien is 1 of the best fantasy writers of all times(and yes i know he is dead)...
Is it just or me that feels that Dr. Claw is just miss-understood?
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