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Off topic but still sharing

With the talk of illegal animals or legal animals it reminded me of something, mind you it has nothing to do with permits or anything.....

I lived in California my entire life up until three years ago. And for 11 years we had a ferret named Twinkles we bought on a street corner in the late eighties.

Since ferrets are illegal in California, and at that time (89-90) not as many people kept them illegally as they do there now. So when Twinkles needed vet attention we were turned away at many many different places, only to finally find someone, who basically charged us threw the roof because he knew she was illegal, 500$ + for a spay alone. When she was dying 11 years later, we lived in the mountains, and no vet would look at her. It was sad. We ended up euthinizing her ourselves as it was the only humaine thing to do.

anyways! back on topic!

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