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well I have been thinkin

Well I have been thinking as of late! And as you all know when I get to thinking things get really strange and technical. I submit a fact not in dispute; the universe is driven (or powered if you like) by not only fission (the splitting of atoms), which is really a misnomer to what really occurs. Or fusion better known as the (joining of atoms) also a misnomer if we get really technical on the subject. Thusly we are all created from atoms or as I should say we (all have atomic structure) every living thing on this planet, including our herps in their entire splendor from snake to lizard to turtle to frog or toad. Now the scary part. We have learned to harness the “power of the sun” so to speak The fusion reaction on the sun is best known as slow fusion (that’s why the sun’s life is measured in billions of years) we have what is known as fast fusion, scary stuff but a part of life we have to live with.

We also know that everything on earth or in the universe has a radiation signature, yes we are all radio active to an extent it is impossible not to be with the mechanics of the universe around us. That piece of cheese you just ate is radioactive so is the beer you are drinking right now or the cigarette you just smoked! Thus taking into account atomic theory and what we already know it is possible to create an atomic reaction with any thing you only have to achieve a critical mass of radio active material .The more radio active the material the less you need for a critical mass for a nuclear reaction. (Uranium 235 is about 6 pounds). Sorry to take so long but I want us all to be on the same page so to speak.

So I got to thinking about selenium, which is radioactive and is a metal found on the periodic table. Then I got to thinking about peanut butter (chunky to be exact), which contains the aforementioned selenium, which the peanut plant absorbs from the soil when it grows. Then I got to thinking about the critical mass of selenium, and how much chunky peanut butter it would take to make one of those nasty WMD that the others have. Through many hours of thought and calculation I arrive at the total of 4.5 billion tons of chunky peanut butter (same amount of smooth if you don’t like chunky). That is a lot of bread and milk and about 2.5 billions tons of jam as well. The best part about this whole thing you can eat the fissile material, and you read all my babbling and laughed really hard and said to yourself man I am glad I am normal! Peace and Love to all of you
And Happy Holidays

“You know its funny I was thinking about what you said. The preeminent truth of our age is that you can not fight the system. But if as you say the truth is fluid that the truth is subjective then maybe you can fight the system. As long as just one person refuses to be broken refuses to bow down” “But can you win?” “Every time I say NO”
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