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Technically you animals are still illegal. They originate from animals that were smuggled into Canada illegally which makes the whole line illegal. The line will never be able to become legal because the adults do not have paperwork. I asked Henry flat out on the phone 2 years ago about the legality of his Dumerils and he told me straight up that his were smuggled into Canada (not by him). I haven't talked to Henry lately so maybe things have changed but that was the story 2 years ago. Once the line is tarnished it cannot because legit.

Having said that the Canadian government is not in the position to start confiscating animals. You can still keep and breed your dumerils but you will not be allowed to export them. Also, because you have CB animals that were produced within Canada it is highly unlikely that you will ever have a problem.

The way it seems right now is that if you physically smuggle the animal into Canada you go to jail. But, if you only keep smuggled animals then the government really doesn't care. I think that's stupid but that's basically what it boils down to.

As for me I will only keep 100% legal animals with paperwork. As it is now I can't find any so I bring them in myself.

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